Neghantil - 1990-1996

Neghantil - 1990-1996


2xCassette in embossed black box.
Comes with 6 art cards and metal lapel pin.

Recorded on tape deck and 4-track porta studio at home, Kashmir Palace and at Frösöberget using TR606, Korg Polysix, DR-110, Korg MS-10, bass guitar, Ensoniq Mirage, vox, tapes and broken delay unit.


These recordings represent some of my earliest attempts at making music. I started experimenting with tape recorders in the mid eighties - mostly cut-ups of pop songs from the radio - as a teenager. Later, in 1988, I got a small keyboard synthesizer as a Christmas present and from then on I dabbled with some kind of primitive synth music.

From late 1989 and a couple of years beyond I was involved in a couple of local synth pop bands but it wasn’t until 1990 that I made my first attempt at recording a solo cassette album. That was the birth of Neghantil. At this stage I was heavily influenced by early so-called industrial music, which becomes pretty evident upon listening to these recordings.

I didn't own that much equipment of my own so most of the instruments were borrowed from friends. At first I recorded in my bedroom but I soon gained access to a few rehearsal studios. This was my trial and error period where I tried out various musical styles - sometimes learning by trying to imitate something - and as it turned out I was more attracted to things more dark and, say, experimental.

It was a fun, spontaneous if perhaps a bit unfocused period and some of these recordings were made with a somewhat ironic attitude. But these days I wish I’d made more of this stuff.

Even though I was was pretty proud of that first album, I never got around to releasing it at the time. And over the years, I have kept these recordings mostly to myself.

In 1995 I moved to a new city and started using the name Bad Kharma instead – but that’s a different story.

/ Ronnie Sundin, 2010

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