Ronnie Sundin - Seven Year Slience CD

Ronnie Sundin - Seven Year Slience CD


Oversized booklet with drawings by RS
FB011 - 2009 


Trained artist and non-musician Ronnie Sundin was once heralded “Sweden’s most silent man” by now defunct fanzine Fat Bankroll. At the time, more than half a decade ago, Sundin's recordings bordered on the levels of audible – quiet compositions and intricate structures, as if intended to challenge the listeners’ perceptions of hearing/not hearing.

By releasing “Seven Year Silence” Sundin announces his departure from the realms of silence, and from a shorter hiatus, with an intelligent noise freak-out of massive proportions. This brand new recording impresses with an innovative take on noise, an immensely deep and detailed interpretation that, just possibly, could help redefine parts of the genre. The recordings on "Seven Year Silence" are assembled from piles of rediscovered mini-discs from 2001-2007, thereby also proving that there has been activities of a harsher nature ongoing throughout the quiet years.

A Swedish music journalist remarked that the music on Sundin's "Morphei", released by Häpna in 2002, was barely communicating at all, that it was staying inside its own little bubble. Well... that was then. This is the sound of the bubble bursting baby, so hold on to your hat and enjoy the ride!

Ronnie Sundin (*1973) is trained in the visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, Sweden. His work generally centers around sound, somewhere between art and music. Sundin started his musical career in solo noise project Bad Kharma, collaborated extensively with Lasse Marhaug, but quickly gained an interest in quieter domains. With the trilogy of  "Sleepwalk" (Ground Fault recordings, 2001), "Morphei" (Häpna, 2002) and "Hägring" (Antifrost, 2004), he took an interest in the hypnagogic state - the senses and illusions appearing when crossing over between being awake and being asleep. In 2008, Sundin reestablished his Bad Kharma project with the release of an 4 cassette compilation box, cataloguing his noise works from 1996-1998, and the return of his Red Tape Rot project with Lasse Marhaug. Now, in 2009, his resurrected interest in noise is manifested by the release of "Seven Year Silence" on Fang Bomb.

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